Emergency Assistance

Please see COVID 19 Emergency Assistance if you need emergency assistance

If you are facing unexpected financial distress or you've had an unexpected major change in your finances, NLC may be able to offer you emergency funding.

  • A Financial Aid Officer can help you assess your financial situation and advise about what your options are and how to apply for emergency assistance. 
  • Contact us at finaid@nlc.bc.ca or call 1-866-463-6652 and ask to speak with Financial Aid Officer.

For students that are experiencing an unexpected financial need, the following is a list of grants for current students.

How to use the Award Catalog

The following is a list of all awards in this category. The list may be sorted by clicking the column heading at the top of each column. For example, to sort by Application Deadline, click on Application Deadline.

To view the details of an award, click the magnifying glass on the left side of the award. Details include instructions on how to apply, eligibility, deadlines, and form to use.

“Region-wide” awards indicate awards that are available to students studying at any NLC campus.

“Continuous” application deadline awards indicate awards that may be applied for at any time.

Award applications will only be accepted starting two (2) months before the specific award deadline.
Applications received prior to this will not be considered.

For additional assistance with an award listed here, please contact finaid@nlc.bc.ca.

If you are a donor and would to create an award, please contact the NLC Foundation.

Emergency Assistance Award Catalog

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  Award Name Locations Application Form Application Deadline
detail Chances Dawson Creek Bursary
  • Region-wide
Student Emergency Fund Request Form Continuous
detail Indigenous Emergency Assistance Fund
  • Region-wide
Indigenous Emergency Assistance Fund Application Continuous
detail NLC Student Enhancement Fund
  • Region-wide
Student Emergency Fund Request Form Continuous
detail Student Society Emergency Assistance Fund
  • Region-wide
Student Emergency Fund Request Form Continuous