ApplyBC Helpful Hints

  1. On the first page, click Northern Lights College. This takes you to a secure section where you can submit your information direct to NLC.
  2. On the Personal Information page, fill in all blanks noted with a red asterisk. Save and Continue.
  3. On the Citizenship page, select your country of citizenship. Save and Continue.
  4. On the Contact Info page, fill in as much information as possible, especially the blanks noted with a red asterisk, so that we can follow up with you on your application. Save and Continue.
  5. On the Academic page, fill in as much information as possible pertaining to your high school and post-secondary education career. Click and Continue. (Please note: Where required, applicants may be asked for Official Transcripts from listed institutions to verify credential(s) achieved.)
  6. On the Review page, review for accuracy the information you submitted on previous pages. If you have a disability and would like to contact NLC’s Access Services Coordinator with regard to potential special learning arrangement, click the Access Services link. If everything is complete, click Continue.
  7. On the Program Selection page, select the Program in which you want to apply from the drop-down menu.
  8. On the Program Options page, information pertaining to the program you selected will appear, including the next available start date. Check the drop down menus, and if there are additional options, click your preferred option.
  9. On the Background page, click the dropdown menus to indicate the correct information, and click either Yes or No to the question regarding Aboriginal status. Click Continue.
  10. On the Application Fee page, click Continue to Applicant Declaration.
  11. On the Applicant Declaration page, please read the page, and then click the box where indicated. Click Submit Application