Criminal Records Check

The Criminal Record Review Act requires that all students registered in a post-secondary program where they may be working with children and/or vulnerable adults, must have a criminal record check (CRC) done by the Criminal Records Review Program (CRRP). 

The Ministry of Public Safety and Solicitor General is the authorized body under the Act to review offences and make a determination of risk.  A CRC done by the CRRP is NOT the same as a record check completed through your local RCMP office.

Please note: CRCs can take up to six weeks to receive; ensure you allow enough time prior to your submission deadline.

Criminal Record Check and new residents of Canada

If you are seeking admission to a program that requires a Criminal Records Check, and you have not lived in Canada, or you have lived in Canada for less than 28 months, you are required to:

  1. submit a Police Certificate (see Immigration, Refugees and Citizenship Canada) in English for every country in which you have been a resident for the previous five years (not including Canada) before the first day of classes; and
  2. undergo a criminal record check by the Criminal Records Review Program (CRRP) after you have arrived in Canada (see instructions below).

Note that access to courses or specific learning environments may occur until the results of the CRRP have been received.

Police certificates and criminal records checks are only required when the program to which you are applying requires it. These programs include:

  • Associate of Arts Degree – AHCOTE
  • Associate of Arts Degree (Health Studies)
  • Early Childhood Education and Care Diploma
  • Education Assistant Certificate and Diploma
  • Family Resource Practitioner Advanced Certificate
  • Health Care Assistant Certificate
  • Human Services Professional Development Advanced Certificate
  • Indigenous Human Service Worker Certificate
  • Interprofessional Mental Health and Addictions Advanced Certificate
  • Practical Nursing Diploma
  • Social Services Worker Diploma

Instructions for Students

A PDF version of these instructions can be downloaded and printed.

The Criminal Records Review Act requires that all students in your program undergo a criminal record check by the Criminal Records Review Program (CRRP). You are required to complete a Schedule Type “B” CRC. The WORKS WITH category will depend on the requirements of your program (please check the specific requirements for the program you are applying for):

  • WORKS WITH: Children
  • WORKS WITH: Children and Vulnerable Adults

If you have already completed a Schedule “B” CRC, you may elect to Share the result with NLC. You can only share results for the same category, for example, if you have a CRC for Working with Children, but your program requires that you have one for Working with Children and Vulnerable Adults, you would have to submit a completely new CRC.

For programs at NLC, we do not accept a CRC completed through your local RCMP or police office.


All NLC students are required to attempt to consent to their criminal records check using the BC Ministry of Public Safety and Solicitor General eCRC service. The eCRC service is an online criminal records check consent that does not require you to complete any paper forms, nor come in person to NLC.

To complete your eCRC:

  1. Go online to
  2. If your program requires that you have a CRC for:
    1. Working with: Children and Vulnerable Adults, then enter the access code: AA723GSTVT
    2. Working with: Children only, then enter the access code: W9SKGUDRRZ
  3. Choose:
    1. Request a New Criminal Record Check if you do not have a shareable criminal records check.
    2. Share the result of a Completed Criminal Record Check if you already have completed a CRC prior for another institution or work place. Note: if you are sharing a request, please make sure it matches with the correct “works with” category that you need for your program and that you are using the correct access code listed above.
  4. Complete the required information.
  5. Complete the Electronic Identity Verification (EIV).
  6. Pay (credit card or Interac Online).
  7. Contact and let them know the date you completed the check.

What if the eCRC does not work?

If you are unable to complete the eCRC, the system will allow you to print a special form as a manual application. The manual form is not available without first attempting to apply for an eCRC. Once you have printed the form, contact for further instructions.


NLC will receive your CRC results directly from the Ministry of Justice and update your NLC records as required. You will be notified once all your post-admission requirements are complete.

* Students that have lost or require an additional copy of their Clearance Letter that NLC received previously, may request a copy by emailing