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The Education Assistant program is dedicated to offering adult learners quality educational programs that prepare teacher assistants to support student learning and involvement in the context of the school and classroom. All avenues to provide flexible, accessible learning opportunities that meet community and individual needs will be explored and offered when possible.

Do you have questions regarding the program? Contact the ECEC/EA office by email at

For program information and course descriptions visit the Education Assistant Program Page or to see information on the EA Diploma please see the Education Assistant Diploma Page.

Application Items

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Winter 2023 term registration is Closed!  Students can find their time tickets provided by the Registrar's office in each student's Borealis app. Students may register anytime after their stated time ticket date/time. Steps to find the time ticket in Borealis can be found here. Remember, it is first-come, first-serve for seats in the course offerings, so seats can fill up fast if you delay in registering.

If you do not have a time ticket posted in your Borealis, please email Additional 'Step-by'Step' information for registering is below.

The deposit for your course(s) per each term is $275.00 (for 1-5 courses); this amount will save your seat in each course and also be applied to the full tuition amount. The remaining amount of tuition and fees is required to be paid by the first day of class or prior.

PLEASE NOTE: Every Student must have a current/valid CRC on file with NLC prior to registering in their courses or adding their name to a waitlist. If a student's CRC expires within the term you are registering in, registration will not be permitted until a valid CRC is updated.

Need help with registration? The  Registration Guide will answer most of your questions, but if you need further help email:

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Prior Learning Assessment and Recognition (PLAR)

 For more information on Prior Learning Assessment and  
Recognition (PLAR), please contact the ECE/EA Office 




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EA Practicum Guide

Quick Steps and Facts for Organizing a Practicum at NLC

EDAS 152 School Mentor Guide