Entrance Assessments

If you do not have transcripts indicating that you have met the Admission Prerequisites for a program, specified Entrance Assessments are used for some College programs or courses.

Assessments used include the Canadian Adult Achievement Test (CAAT), the NLC Writing Assessment, Calculus Readiness Assessment, and Career and College Preparation Math and English Readiness appraisals. The assessment utilized will depend upon the program of study in which a student wishes to enrol. There is a cost for some assessment tests.

Scheduling of assessments, and any required payment, can be done through Student Services at any NLC cam­pus. For applicants who are required to write the CAAT or the Writing Assessment, but who cannot attend at an NLC campus, an invigilator must be secured prior to ap­plying to write the assessment.

The fee schedule for Entrance Assessments applies from 1 August 2019 to 31 July 2020. NLC reserves the right to amend this schedule without notice. Rates are listed in Canadian dollars.


Testing/Assessment Services


 CAAT (Canadian Adult Achievement Test) and all other testing

 $28.57/test + GST

 CCP Math/English Assessments 


 TOWES Assessment

 $71.43/test + GST

 Trades Math Assessment

 $14.29/test + GST

 Writing Assessment

 $14.29/test + GST

 Calculus Readiness Assessment

 $14.29/test + GST



  • Basic (Non-scientific) Calculators will be allowed for use in CAAT and a Scientific Calculator will be allowed for the Trades Math Assessment.

Here are a few helpful tips for preparing for entrance assessments.