Awards, Scholarships & Bursaries

Scholarships, bursaries and awards are non-repayable financial assistance made available to students through the Northern Lights College Foundation and other organizations.


Applying for Foundation awards is now easier than ever!! Find out more. (Astra logo)


    current NLC students
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How to apply:

1. Log into (or: replace steps one and two by clicking graphic above)

2. Select the ASTRA icon.

ASTRA logo at is link to the NLC Awardspring platform

3. Choose 'Application' on the left-hand side.

4. Complete application *Please note — regarding the progress bar on the left-hand side — 'In progress' means you have NOT completed all questions in that section. 'Complete' means you can move onto the next section.

5. Submit Application.

6. On your dashboard, scroll down and select the awards that show "complete follow up", complete the additional steps, then click 'submit'.


Helpful notes:
• All answers autosave, so you can come back any time before the award deadline and complete the application. 
Prospective students — complete steps 3-6 once you have registered by using the link below

• We recommend saving your letter in another program — Word, Notepad, etc, to simplify applications! You can copy and paste your letter into each application it is needed. Be sure to review the letter criteria and edit your letter (if required) to meet all criteria.

If you have any questions, please contact the Foundation at (call 250-782-5251 Ext. 1022) or Financial Aid at

Prospective NLC Students

Are you a prospective NLC student looking for information on which awards you could be eligible to apply for?
Visit Astra’s Prospective Students Site to register!
Follow steps 3-6 above after registering to apply. If you require assistance with registration, navigating Astra, or are looking for additional financial assistance, please contact a Financial Aid Officer at


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