Financial Aid

There are numerous sources of government-sponsored financial assistance for students in post-secondary education. These programs are frequently revised and you should check with Student Services for the current information. You are advised to seek the assistance of the Financial Aid Officer at your campus in determin­ing which financial assistance program best fits your financial need.

Student Loan Programs


Your loan application will be processed faster if you apply online. An e-mail address is required for apply­ing online.

Canada Student Loans, or pick up a package from any campus Financial Aid Officer.

For assistance or more information:

Other Provincially Funded Programs

Adult Basic Education Student Assistance Program (ABESAP)

This program provides funding assistance for direct educational costs (such as books and supplies) and, in some cases, transportation costs, to students enrolled in:

  • Academic Upgrading (when not repeating courses for better grades)
  • Pre-Vocational
  • English language training
  • Job Education and Training

To apply, contact the Financial Aid Officer at your campus.

Canada Student Grant and Canada Student Loan for Part-time Students

For students attending part-time studies, financial assistance is available through the Canada Student Grant and Canada Student Loan for Part-time Students programs. You can request the applica­tion from any campus Financial Aid Officer. Once your application is complete, you will need to submit it to the campus Financial Aid Officer for processing.

Assistance Program for Students with Permanent Disabilities

This program is directed at students with permanent disabilities who require services and equipment to attend a post-secondary institu­tion. Additional information


You may be eligible for sponsorship for some or all of your tuition and other fees through federal or provincial training programs such as Northeast Native Advancing Society, Métis Nation B.C., First Nations, Employment Insurance/Job Search. Funding information is available from those agencies, as well as any prerequisites required by the agencies prior to approving funding. Please note that agency requirements may differ from or exceed those set by NLC.

Other Website Sources of Information

Emergency Funding

Emergency funding through the NLC Foundation is available to students who are experiencing particular financial need. Students who find themselves in this situation are encouraged to speak with a Financial Aid Officer.