NLC MyApps: D2L, Office 365, Teams, Borealis and TouchNet

The NLC MyApps page has links for D2L (online learning platform, online payment processing (TouchNet), Office 365, Borealis and other resources.

What is Office 365?
At its core, Office 365 is the same suite of Microsoft Office products and services you recognize, now provided through the cloud. Through Office 365, Microsoft offers more features in and greater access to the tools you use, at school, work and at home.

Some new features to highlight:
1.       Multiple Installs - Download MS Office on up to 5 devices.
How to install: Once you are successfully logged into MyApps (please use with the free to download browser Google Chrome), find the icon called "Office 365 Portal" - click it and on the page that opens, look for the "Install Office" button on the upper right side.
2.       Yes you can use Office 365 on your personal phone or computer at home – including Apple computers!
3.       OneDrive – provides you with 1 Terabyte (1TB = 1,024 GB) of cloud storage.
4.       These products are FIPPA compliant! (Freedom of Information and Protection of Privacy Act)
5.       Teams – for professional collaboration, to attend classes and meetings

How do I start?  

Please use Google Chrome as your browser (free to download) - other browsers may cause errors.
Log in using this link:

Or search for “office 365” in a browser and select the “Sign in to your account” link.

Log in with your NLC credentials: student number @
For example:

New students receive a welcome email with login information
to the personal email address that was used for registration.

If you did not receive this email,
please provide your current personal email address to Student Services: or phone 250-782-5251 and ask for student services.

Note: The student number must be 7 digits long – you may have to add leading zeros as required.
(Example: student number is 9888. You then have to add leading zeros= 0009888)

Need to reset your password?
Go here:

Great resources with how-to tutorials and videos:

1. Office Training Center

2. An excellent collection of free video tutorials for MS Office 2013 and 2016 covering Word, Access, PowerPoint, and Excel at

3. Quick-start guides

4. OneNote videos