Academic Courses

University Arts and Sciences Course List

ANTH101 Cultural and Social Anthropology I

ANTH102 Cultural and Social Anthropology II

ANTH201 Ethnic and Race Relations

ANTH202 Ethnography of Canada's First Nations Peoples

ANTH203 Contemporary Canadian Native Peoples

ANTH204 Medical Anthropology ARCH200 Introduction to Archaeology and World Prehistory

ARCH 230 - Introduction to Archaeological Heritage Management BIOL101 Introductory Biology I 

BIOL102 Introductory Biology II

BIOL204 Introduction to Ecology

CHEM103 Fundamentals of Chemistry I

CHEM104 Fundamentals of Chemistry II  

CHEM170 Introduction to Forensic Chemistry 

CPSC101 Introduction to Computing 

CPSC111 Computer Science and Information Technology

CPSC122 Introduction to Object Oriented Programming C++ 

CRIM101 Introduction to Criminology

CRIM103 Psychological Explanations of Criminal and Deviant Behaviour

CRIM120 Research Methods in Criminology  

CRIM131 Introduction to the Criminal Justice System 

CRIM135 Introduction to Canadian Law and Legal Institutions

CRIM213 Women and the Criminal Justice System

CRIM230 Criminal Law

CRWR209 Introduction to the Art of Writing I

CRWR210 Introduction to the Art of Creative Writing II  

CRWR250 Advanced Writing Techniques I

ECED201 Non-Profit Management

ECON101 Principles of Economics (Micro)

ECON102 Principles of Economics (Macro)

ECON105 Principles of Economics

EDUC100 Questions and Issues in Education

EDUC220 Introduction to Educational Psychology

EDUC230 Introduction to Educational Philosophies

EDUC240 Social Issues in Education

EDUC252 Introduction to Reflective Practice

ENGL099 Foundational Writing

ENGL100 Academic Writing

ENGL105 Nonfictional Prose

ENGL110 Introduction to Workplace Communications

ENGL111 Poetry and Drama

ENGL112 Prose Fiction

ENGL201 Survey of English Literature I

ENGL202 Survey of English Literature II

ENGL205 Introduction to Canadian Literature

ENGL220 Children's Literature

ENGL221 Introduction to Women's Literature

FILM100 Introduction to Film

FNST100 Aboriginal Peoples of Canada

FNST102 Treaties and Aboriginal Rights

FREN101 Intermediate French I

FREN102 Intermediate French II

GEOG100 Introduction to Human Geography: Places and Regions in Global Context

GEOG101 Society and the Environment

GEOG103 The Regional Geography of Canada

GEOG112 Physical Geography: Surface of the Earth

GEOG114 Physical Geography: Weather and Climate

GEOG240 Social Geography

GEOG250 Cartography: Map and AirPhoto Interpretation

GEOG260 Introduction to GIS

GEOL102 Introduction to Earth History

HIST103 Canada: Pre-Confederation

HIST104 Canada, Post-Confederation

HIST200 Women in the Western World from Pre-History to the Present

HIST205 The Ancient World

HIST206 History of Ancient Greece

HIST207 History of Ancient Rome

HIST209 History of the First Nations of Canada

HIST210 History of British Columbia

HIST211 European History, 1050-1789

HIST212 European History, 1789 to the Present

HIST231 The United States History to 1865

HIST232 The United States Since 1865

HUMA101 Introduction to the Humanities

HUMA102 Introduction to the Humanities II

MATH101 Calculus

MATH102 Calculus II

MATH104 Introduction to Statistics

MATH105 Calculus for Social and Biological Sciences I

MATH106 Calculus for Social Sciences II

MATH108 Finite Mathematics

MATH110 Pre-Calculus

MATH152 Introductory Linear Algebra

MATH190 Principles of Mathematics for Teachers

MGMT103 Foundations in Financial Accounting Level 1

MGMT104 Principles of Management

MGMT107 Fundamentals of Marketing

MGMT109 Foundations in Financial Accounting Level 2

MGMT111 Finite Mathematics

MGMT120 Financial Accounting

MGMT150 Business Mathematics

MGMT201 Intermediate Financial Accounting I

MGMT202 Intermediate Financial Accounting II

MGMT203 Taxation

MGMT204 Human Resource Management (Personnel)

MGMT210 Advertising and Promotion

MGMT217 Business Systems Analysis and Design

MGMT219 Entrepreneurship: Start up

MGMT220 Managerial Accounting

MGMT225 Strategic Management

MGMT228 Business Law: Principles and Applications

MGMT260 Principles of Corporate Finance I

MGMT261 Principles of Corporate Finance II

MGMT290 Quantitative Methods for Business

MGMT295 Management Science

MGMT301 Management Skills for Supervisors

MGMT302 Business Sustainability and the Environment

MGMT 303 Non-Profit Management

MGMT 425 Integrated Strategic Management

MGMT 430 Business Ethics and Social Responsibility

MGMT450 Principles of Project Management

MGMT453 Project Management Seminar (Information Technology Specialization)

MGMT 455 Project Management Seminar (Health Administration Specialization)

PHIL101 Introduction to Philosophy I

PHIL102 Introduction to Philosophy II

PHIL110 Introduction to Logic and Critical Thinking

PHIL111 Contemporary Moral Issues

PHYS103 Mechanics (Calculus)

PHYS104 Electromagnetism and Waves (Calculus)

POLI100 Politics and Government

POLI101 The Government of Canada

POLI102 Political Ideologies

POLI200 Politics and Pipelines

PSYC101 Introduction to Psychology I

PSYC102 Introduction to Psychology II

PSYC201 Research Methods in Psychology

PSYC211 Developmental Psychology

PSYC212 Abnormal Psychology

PSYC220 Interpersonal Communications

PSYC221 Social Psychology

PSYC223 Psychology of Personal Adjustment

PSYC224 Organizational Behavior

PSYC225 Methods of Therapeutic Intervention

PSYC230 Advanced Communication Skills

PSYC232 Behavior Disorders of Children and Adolescents

PSYC235 Structure and Dynamics of the Family

PSYC250 Introduction to Applied Behavioral Psychology

SOCI101 Introduction to Sociology I

SOCI102 Introduction to Sociology II

SOCI201 Structure of Canadian Society

SOCI204 The Family in Canada

SOCI205 Deviant Behavior in Canadian Society

SOSC207 Introduction to Statistics in the Social Sciences

SOSC220 Research Methods for the Social Sciences

SOWK200 Introduction to Social Work Practice

SOWK201 Introduction to Social Welfare

THEA100 Introduction to Acting

WGST100 Women and Gender Studies