AMET 100 - Course Introduction

This course covers hangar fire protection, ethics and responsibilities, and WHMIS


Hours:  8.8 (Lecture Hours: 8.8)


Admission into the Aircraft Maintenance Engineering Program


Non-Course Prerequisites:




Course Content:
Hangar Fire Protection
- Recognize the fire hazards and fire extinguishers
- Respond properly and safely in the event of a hangar fire
- Explain the causes, prevention and extinguishing of fires
- Describe fire extinguishing agents
Ethic and Responsibilities
- Discuss ethics
- Discuss professionalism
- Discuss craftsmanship
- Discuss general safety practices
- Discuss license privileges
- Discuss the concept of Human Factors
- Discuss Training and Licensing requirements
- Discuss classroom conduct
- Discuss employee skills
- Discuss attributes of peak performers
- Discuss NLC student policies
- Explain the purpose of WHMIS
- Explain WHMIS labeling
- Explain Material Safety Data sheets (MSDS)
- Explain WHMIS education and implementation
- Explain the implementation of WHMIS at your workplace


Learning Outcomes:

To ensure the proper maintenance of aircraft, the AME must demonstrate a responsibility for his/her education.


Grading System:  Percentage


Passing Grade:  70%


Percentage of Individual Work:  100


Textbooks are subject to change. Please contact the bookstore at your local campus for current book lists.