AMET 107 - Hydraulics

This course covers the components, assembly and operation of typical aircraft hydraulic systems.


Hours: 24 (Lecture Hours: 24)


Total Weeks:  15


Admission in to the Aircraft Maintenance Engineering Program.


Non-Course Prerequisite:




Course Content:

- Describe the physical laws governing the behaviors of fluids in motion and under pressure
- Given certain variables, perform work and power calculations
- Describe properties of hydraulic fluid
- Explain how components fit together to form a simple, closed hydraulic system
- Recognize the difference between open-and closed-centre systems
Hydraulics & Pneumatics
- Explain the function and operation of various hydraulic components
- Describe methods of operating hydraulic systems in the event of main system failure
- Explain the function of different types of hydraulic seals
- Demonstrate various techniques of installing rigid tubing, hoses and fittings
- Explain the operational differences between pneumatic and hydraulic systems
- Explain the purpose of all components in a small airplane hydraulic system schematic diagram
- Explain the purpose of all components in a large airplane hydraulic system schematic diagram
- Explain the purpose of all components in a helicopter hydraulic system schematic diagram
- Perform routine inspection of an aircraft hydraulic system
- Demonstrate hydraulic system troubleshooting procedures.
- Identify AWM regulations applicable to hydraulic systems


Learning Outcomes:

- The student will identify various hydraulic components and explain their function.
- The student will explain the operation of hydraulic systems using schematics and troubleshoot problems.


Grading System: Percentage


Passing Grade: 70%


Percentage of Individual Work: 100


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