AMET 117 - Landing Gear and Dynamic Drive Trains

The course covers the transmission of energy through gear trains and absorption of energy in landing gear.


Hours: 36.8 (Lecture Hours: 36.8)


Total Weeks: 15



Admission in to the Aircraft Maintenance Engineering Program


Non-Course Prerequisites:




Course Content:
Landing Gear, Wheels and Brakes
- Locate all applicable air regulations
- Describe landing gear types and their configurations
- Install landing gear
- Install aircraft wheels
- Install aircraft tires
- Install aircraft brakes
- Explain anti-skid systems
- Install gear retraction systems
Dynamic Drive trains

- Maintain drive shafts and transmission accessories
- Maintain freewheel units
- Describe clutch types
- Inspect various gear systems
- Maintain aircraft gearboxes
- Locate regulations applicable to maintenance of aircraft drive trains


Learning Outcomes:

The student will identify the parts and explain the function and maintenance of landing gear installation and dynamic drivetrain installations.


Grading System: Percentage


Passing Grade: 70%


Percentage of Individual Work: 100


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