AMT 102 - Aerodynamics Fixed Wing Aircraft

This course will provide the student a fundamental understanding of the principles, forces and physics involved in fixed wing theory of flight.


Hours: 25 (Lecture Hours: 25)




Non-Course Prerequisite:
Admission into the Aircraft Maintenance Technician program or Aircraft Mechanic Basics.




Course Content:
Fixed Wing Aircraft CAR Appendix C Part 2.
6.1 Fixed Wing Aircraft
1.The theory of flight
•             Relative motion
•             dynamic stability
•             standard atmosphere
•             fluid dynamics
•             lift
•             drag
•             thrust and weight
•             forces and balance
•             stalling/landing speeds
•             speed of sound
•             aerodynamic loads
•             high speed flight
2.The purpose of flight controls including:
•             Primary
•             Secondary
•             Auxiliary controls
•             lift and anti-lift devices.


Learning Outcomes:A student upon completion of this course will be able to demonstrate a functional understanding of the theory of flight and associated principles that govern flight on fixed wing aircraft.  


Grading System: Percentage


Passing Grade: 70%


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