AMT 104 - Aircraft Hardware Approved Parts

The course will provide an understanding of numbering systems used in aviation hardware such as rivets and screws or bolts and nuts, as well as the purpose for it.


Hours: 24 (Lecture Hours: 24)




Non-Course Prerequisite:
Admission into the Aircraft Maintenance Technician program or Aircraft Mechanic Basics.




Course Content:
APPROVED PARTS CAR 566 Appendix C Part 2.5
1. Aircraft hardware using AN, MS, NAS parts systems. 
2. The application of metric and British Unified Systems to aircraft hardware. 
3. The needs and rationale for aircraft specifications such as MIL, NAS.  
AIRCRAFT PLUMBING CAR 566 Appendix C Part 2.16 
1. The standard fittings and hardware identification systems.  


Learning Outcomes:
The student upon completion of this course will be able to use the aircraft hardware numbering systems and identify hardware types based on this system, including how to measure hardware accurately.  


Grading System: Percentage


Passing Grade: 70%


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