AMT 106 - Aircraft Equipment Introduction

The course will provide orientation to the use of support equipment and safe practices for their use in aviation, along with the ability to marshal and move aircraft.


Hours: 8 (Lecture Hours: 8)




Non-Course Prerequisite:
Admission into the Aircraft Maintenance Technician program or Aircraft Mechanic Basics.




Course Content:
Aircraft Handling CAR Appendix C Part 2.4
4 Operating procedures and safety precautions of ground support equipment required to service the aircraft
   a) Equipment used by helicopter operators to perform the various tasks peculiar to these aircraft
5. Aircraft grooming procedures and precautions. 
6. Aircraft storage procedures. 
Ground Handling, Towing, Marshalling techniques
- housekeeping and safety precautions
- hoisting, jacking, tying down and mooring procedures
CAR Appendix C Part 2.6.4 
11. Operational safety practices including approaching and exiting a running helicopter. 
12. Ground crew responsibilities and precautions applicable to slinging external loads.   


Learning Outcomes:
The Student upon completion of this course will be able to identify the types of equipment and processes used in parking, storage, grooming, towing, jacking, hoisting and maneuvering of aircraft. 


Grading System: Percentage


Passing Grade: 70%


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