AMT 111 - Canadian Aviation Regulations 1

The course will provide an understanding of the regulations and standards pertaining to the aeronautics act as a fundamental regulatory requirement


Hours: 24 (Lecture Hours: 24)




Non-Course Prerequisite:
Admission into the Aircraft Maintenance Technician program or Aircraft Mechanic Basics.




Course Content:CARs 566 Appendix C - Part 1
Regulatory Structure 
Aeronautics Act 
Canadian Aviation Regulations (CARs) 
Advisory Material 
CARs Numbering System
Part I - General Provisions
Subpart 1 - Interpretation
Subpart 2 - Application
Subpart 3 - Administration and Compliance
Subpart 4 - Charges 
Part IV Subpart 3 - Aircraft Maintenance Engineer Licenses and Training 
403.01 Application
403.02 Requirement to Hold AME license
403.03 Issuance and Endorsement of AME License
403.04 Validity period of AME License
403.05 Recency Requirements
403.08 Approved Training Organizations 
566 Aircraft Maintenance Engineer Licensing and Training Standards 
571 Aircraft Maintenance Requirements
571.01 Application
571.02 Maintenance Performance Rules
571.04 Specialized Maintenance 
571.05 Maintenance of Aeroplanes or Helicopters Operated Pursuant to Part IV and aircraft operated pursuant to Part VII 
Schedule I - Personnel Certification for Non-Destructive Testing (NDT) 
Schedule II - Specialized Maintenance


Learning Outcomes:The student on completion of this course will be able to describe The CAR's numbering Structure, its provisions and discuss requirements under the CAR's.


Grading System: Percentage


Passing Grade: 70%


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