AMT 211 - Dynamic Systems

The course will take a look at moving systems and how they are to be maintained and the requirements of the maintenance such as balancing of blades.


Hours: 30 (Lecture Hours: 30)




Non-Course Prerequisite:
Completion of Aircraft Maintenance Technican 2




Course Content:
6.4 Rotary Wing Controls and Rigging
1. Elements of the drive train including:
  • transmission
  • clutches and freewheeling
  • drive shaft systems
  • gearboxes (intermediate and tail rotor)
  • ducted fan systems including NOTAR and Fenestron
  • gear construction, installation, types, ratios, patterns, lubrication and backlash
  • bearings and seals (friction, anti-friction, elastomeric)
Vibration Analysis
4 the fundamentals and effects of vibration
5. Vibration types and causes including:
  • vertical
  • lateral
  • low frequency
  • medium frequency
  • high frequency
  • harmonics
  • nodes
6. Vibration canceling devices including:
· dampers
· bifilar
12.2 turbine bearing and seals
l2.6 lubrication bearing and seals


Learning Outcomes:
The student upon completion of this course will be able to explain the various drivetrain components related to power transmission via gears and shafts, their function and practices when removing or installing.     


Grading System: Percentage


Passing Grade: 70%


Percentage of Individual Work: 100


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