AMT 221 - Canadian Aviation Regulations 3

The course will further enhance the regulatory awareness required by the Aircraft Maintenance Technician.  It will delve into deeper standards and regulations completing the overall picture of the aeronautics act.


Hours: 16 (Lecture Hours: 16)


Successful Completion of Aircraft Maintenance Technician 3


Non-Course Prerequisite:




Course Content:
573 Approved Maintenance Organization
573.01 Application for Approval
573.02 Entitlement to and Scope of Certificate
573.03 Person Responsible for Maintenance
573.04 Assignment of Management Functions
573.05 Authorization to Sign a Maintenance Release
573.06 Training Program
573.07 Personnel Records
573.08 Facilities, Equipment, Standards and Procedures
573.09 Quality Assurance Program
573.10 Maintenance Policy Manual
573.11 Maintenance Arrangements
573.12 Service Difficulty Reporting
573.13 Foreign Approvals
573.14 Identification of an AMO
Division III - Aircraft Maintenance Requirements
571.07 Installation of New Parts
571.08 Installation of Used Parts
571.09 Installation of Life-Limited Parts
571.10 Maintenance Release
571.11 Persons who May Sign a Maintenance Release
571.12 Reporting Major Repairs and Major Modifications
571.13 Installation of Parts (General)
Division I - Aircraft Requirements - General
605.03 Flight Authority
605.04 Availability of Aircraft Flight Manual
605.05 Markings and Placards
605.06 Aircraft Equipment Standards and Serviceability
605.07 Minimum Equipment Lists
605.08 Unserviceable and Removed Equipment - General
605.09 Unserviceable and Removed Equipment - Aircraft with a Minimum Equipment List
605.10 Unserviceable and Removed Equipment - Aircraft Without a Minimum Equipment List
Division III - Aircraft Maintenance Requirements
605.84 Aircraft Maintenance - General
605.85 Maintenance Release and Elementary Work
605.86 Maintenance Schedule
605.87 Transfer of Aeronautical Products Between Maintenance Schedules
605.88 Inspection after Abnormal Occurrences
Division IV - Technical Records
605.92 Requirement to Keep Technical Records
605.93 Technical Records - General
605.94 Journey Log Requirements
605.95 Journey Log - Carrying on Board
605.96 Requirements for Technical Records Other Than the Journey Log
605.97 Transfer of Records


Learning Outcomes:
The student upon completion of this course will be able to explain the various sections of the CAR's and the requirements of Technical Records


Grading System: Percentage


Passing Grade: 70%


Percentage of Individual Work: 100


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