BLMT 120 - Building Maintenance Level 3

Further experience with tools and practices introduced in BLMT (Building Maintenance) 100 and 110 is given, always incorporating safe work practices and skills developed in the two previous levels. Learners will apply federal, provincial and local building codes and bylaws,and identity fire and safety systems. Learners will perform budget calculations, materials estimating and costing as well as conduct home owner/tenant orientations and liaise with officials and inspectors.


Hours: 240 (Lecture Hours: 140.5; Shop/Teaching Kitchen: 99.5)


Total Weeks: 8



BLMT 110


Non-Course Prerequisites:






Course Content:
Use Safe Work Practices
- Use and maintain ladders, scaffolding, and platforms
- Identify lock-out procedures
Perform Trades Math and Financial Calculations
- Perform estimating calculations for materials and supplies
- Perform Budget Calculations
- Prepare Basic Budget Spreadsheets
Use and Maintain Tools
- Use and maintain Hand tools
- Use measuring and testing devices
- Use lifting and hoisting equipment
Describe Building Structure and Design
- Apply Federal, Provincial and local codes and by-laws
- Identify Fire and Life Safety Systems
Apply Public Relations Skills
- Maintain effective home owner and tenant relations
- Conduct home owner and tenant orientations and training
- Liaise with regulatory officials and inspectors


Learning Outcomes:
Upon successful completion of this course, learners will be able to use and maintain the tools and equipment commonly required in this field. Applying the relevant codes and bylaws, learners will perform calculations and budgets for the routine function and repairs of buildings. Learners will conduct tenant orientations and training, liaise with regulatory officials and maintain effective relationships with homeowners.

Demonstrate firm understanding of Safety & Building Maintenance Practices

Demonstrate professional attitudes and good work habits

Demonstrates the proper use of trade-related tools and equipment. Competent with trades math and financial calculations.


Grading System: Percentage


Passing Grade: 70%


Percentage of Individual Work: 70


Percentage of Group Work: 30


Textbooks are subject to change.  Please contact the bookstore at your local campus for current book lists.