CARA 190 - Carpenter Apprenticeship Level 2 Gap Training

This course provides information and learning to students so that they may enter the harmonized level 2 course, CARA 250, prepared with all Level 1 outcomes completed.


Hours: 30 (Lecture Hours: 15; Shop/Teaching Kitchen: 15) 


Total Weeks:  1





Non-Course Prerequisites:
Eligibility as indicated by the Industry Training Authority


Co-requisite Statement:


Course Content:
- Apply shop and site safety practices
- Use portable power tools
- Use stationary power tools
- Use leveling instruments and equipment
- Use ladders, scaffolds and access equipment
- Use rigging and hoisting equipment
- Select concrete forming systems
- Build footing and vertical framework
- Build slab-on-grade forms and suspended slab forms
- Install reinforcement and embedded items


Learning Outcomes:
This course follows the prescribed ITA Provincial curriculum for Carpenter. This document can be found in its most current form at:


Grading System: Pass/Fail


Passing Grade: Pass


Percentage of Individual Work:  100


- CSA approved footwear, clear safety glasses


Textbooks are subject to change. Please contact the bookstore at your local campus for current book lists.