CARP 150 - Enhanced Carpenter Foundation Level 1

This course offers the harmonized curriculum for Level 1 Carpenter as outlined by the ITA.This course will introduce learners to the carpentry trade and safe work practices. Learners will earn credit for Level 1 Apprenticeship Technical Training in addition to practical and essential skills related to carpentry. Theoretical and practical instruction is provided through a variety of projects including stairs, forms for concrete, framed floors and walls, and roofs. Learners will spend approximately 70% of their time in practical skills development building a construction project from start to lock-up stage. Upon completion of the Enhanced Carpenter Foundation Program, learners will have 450 work-based training hours completed toward their Carpenter Apprenticeship..


Hours: 600 (Lecture Hours: 180; Field Experience Hours: 420)


Total Weeks: 20





Non-Course Prerequisites:

As students will be entering the worksite almost immediately, the following courses must be completed and submitted to student services prior to the add/drop date:
OFA Level 1
Industrial Worker Fall Protection.





Course Content:
Safe Work Practices:
- Apply shop and site safety practices
- Apply personal safety practices
Documentation and Organizational Skills:
- Use construction drawings and specifications
- Interpret building codes and bylaws
- Plan and organize work
- Perform trade math
Tools and Equipment:
- Use hand tools
- Use portable power tools
- Use stationary power tools
Survey Instruments and Equipment:
- Use leveling instruments and equipment
Access, Rigging and Hoisting Equipment:
- Use ladders, scaffolds and access equipment
- Use rigging and hoisting equipment
Site Layout:
- Lay out building locations
Concrete Formwork:
- Use concrete types, materials, additives and treatments
- Select concrete forming systems
- Build footing and vertical framework
- Build slab-on-grade forms and suspended slab forms
- Install reinforcement and embedded items
- Place and finish concrete
Wood Frame Construction:
- Describe wood frame construction
- Select framing materials
- Build floor systems
- Build stair systems
- Build decks and exterior structures
Building Science:
- Control the forces acting on a building



Learning Outcomes:
This course follows the prescribed ITA Provincial curriculum for Carpenter. This document can be found in its most current form at:
Upon successful completion of this course, learners will be able to:
- Demonstrate knowledge of trade tools and equipment, and navigate a work site in a safe manner
- Apply trades math effectively to perform the complex equations required of their trade
- Comprehend building plans, architectural drawings and their various components
- Comprehend building code bylaws and the use of municipal permits
- Identify various products used in building framing, their composition, characteristics and uses
- Calculate the framing materials required, and frame residential housing projects
- Apply the principles used to counteract the loads and forces in construction design


Grading System: Percentage


Passing Grade: 70%


Percentage of Individual Work: 100


- A complete list of tools and equipment will be provided by Admissions upon acceptance to the program.
- Students will require appropriate personal safety clothing and CSA approved steel toed boots and hard hat.


Textbooks are subject to change.  Please contact the bookstore at your local campus for current book lists.