CPSC 101 - Introduction to Computing

This is an introductory course for students who have little or no experience with computers. The emphasis of this course is on basic computer concepts with some hands-on applications. The course will provide an overview of the concepts of word processing, electronic spreadsheets, presentation software, worldwide web tools and database management. Students will use some application software packages. Other computer concepts and applications will be discussed. Some basic concepts of computer programming will be discussed.


Credits:  3


Hours: 45 (Lecture Hours: 1.5;  Laboratory Hours: 1.5)


Total Weeks:  15





Non-Course Prerequisites:




Course Content:
- Information technology, the Internet and you
- Introduction to the computer system
- The Internet, the Web, and E-Commerce
- Working with Windows
- Application software
- Word
   Creating a document
   Formatting a document
   Finalizing a document
- System software
- The system unit
- Input and output
- Secondary storage
- Excel
   Creating a worksheet
   Formatting a worksheet
   Finalizing a worksheet
- Communications and networks
- Privacy, security, and ethics
- Creating and finalizing a database
- Creating and finalizing a presentation


Learning Outcomes:
Use lectures and hands-on computer time to give students an understanding of fundamental computer concepts, hardware components and software applications.  Students will become familiar with the microcomputer and the Windows Operating System.  They will also acquire hands-on experience with a computer and some primary application packages including word processing, spreadsheets, databases, and internet browsers. At the end of the course, the student will be able to:

- Use correct terminology to discuss computer hardware components and software;
- Know microcomputers: the system unit, input/output devices, and data storage;
- Customize Windows for increased productivity;
- Identify and understand security and privacy issues;
- Use MS Word, MS Excel, MS Access other applications;
- Know the basics of communications, connectivity and networks;
- Use the Internet and the World Wide Web;
- Become competent in computer related skills.


Grading System:  Letters


Passing Grade:  D (50%)


Percentage of Individual Work:  100


Textbooks are subject to change. Please contact the bookstore at your local campus for current book lists.