EASL 020 - Beginners English for Academic Purposes

Beginner course for non-native English students that covers: grammar skills, basic listening and speaking to increase fluency in conversational English, paragraph and essay writing, and beginner/pre-intermediate reading to gain fluency in using English through reading a variety of materials.


Hours: 300 (Lecture Hours: 300)


Total Weeks:  15





Non-Course Prerequisites: 

Cambridge Michigan Language Assessment (CaMLA) EPT minimum assessment score of 15 and a writing sample





Course Content:

- Verb tenses - negative, questions, short answers
- Nouns - count, non-count, qualifiers and measurement units and articles
- Possessive adjectives and pronouns
- Conjunctions
- Adjective clauses
- Tag questions
- Phrasal verbs
- Pronunciation - discrete sounds, reductions, contractions, linking, stress, focus and rhythm
- Discussion and practice using various discourse strategies: agreeing, refusing, interrupting, clarifying
- Practice doing introductions, telephone messages, making appointments, menu orders, descriptions of place, people or events
- Give and receive advice
- Role play
- Determine the meaning of new vocabulary from the context
- Recognize the main idea of a piece of writing
- Locate details and facts to support an idea
- Summarize the important ideas
- Skim for main idea
- Scan for detail
- Paragraph writing in various forms
- Generate ideas
- Organize ideas around a topic
- Write topic sentences
- Finds details to support the topic sentence
- Peer edit
- Revise their writing
- Use correct grammatical structures: subject/verb agreement and combining of sentences
- Practice the paragraph form: tile, margins, indentation, logical order , one subject
- Use mechanics correctly: capitalization, common word order, spelling suffixes
- Use common expressions and idioms


Learning Outcomes:
Students will be able to:

- Employ the basic structures of English in order to carry on simple and predictable oral and written exchanges with few errors.
- Practice the sound system of English and the use of syllables, as well as develop increased ability to participate in conversation about personally relevant subjects.
- Listen to and give instructions requiring action and develop increased ability to deal with basic communication - asking for advice, offering and declining invitations, asking for clarification, making suggestion and giving advice.
- Show increased fluency in reading and comprehension of English materials through developing skills.
- Define vocabulary from context, recognize the author’s main idea, show understanding of the author’s view point by discussion or writing, summarize, infer, skim scan and interpret from a variety of materials.
- Employ organizational skills in writing starting from sentence level structures to develop the concept of having content and detail to support the topic.
- Explore and organize ideas. They will develop cohesion and style in writing through the drafting and revision process.
- Learn and employ the correct forms for a variety of basic writing purposes.


Grading System:  Mastery/DNC


Passing Grade:  Mastery is based on achieving a CaMLA EPT minimum test score of 31 administered at NLC..


Percentage of Individual Work:  50


Percentage of Group Work:  50


Textbooks are subject to change.  Please contact the bookstore at your local campus for current book lists.