EASL 020 - Beginners English for Academic Purposes

This is a beginner course for non-native English students. This course covers grammar skills, essential listening and speaking skills to increase fluency in conversational English, paragraph writing, and beginner/pre-intermediate reading to gain fluency in using English through reading various materials.


Hours: 300 (Lecture Hours: 300)




Non-Course Prerequisites: 
Entering into the program with a CaMLA score of less than 25 requires permission of the instructor




Course Content:
-Verb Tenses - negatives, questions, short answers, tag questions
-Modal Verbs
-Nouns - count, non-count, qualifiers and measurement units and articles, pronouns, possessives
-Noun Clauses
-Comparisons - adjectives and adverbs
-Adjective clauses
-The Passive
-Gerunds and Infinitives
-Phrasal verbs
-Pronunciation - discrete sounds, reductions, contractions, linking, stress, phrasing.
-Discussion and practise using various discourse strategies: agreeing, disagreeing, refusing, interrupting, clarifying, suggesting, giving and receiving advice, expressing opinions, doing introductions, making appointments, menu orders, descriptions of place, people or events, rejoinders, clarification.
-Identifying main ideas and details.
-Vocabulary building.
-Role plays.
-Short speech or presentation.
-Determine the meaning of new vocabulary from the context.
-Recognize the main idea of a piece of writing.
-Locate details and facts to support an idea.
-Summarize the important ideas.
-Skim for main idea.
-Scan for detail.
-Identify times signals, sequence, contrast, comparison.
-Pronoun Reference.
-Sentence writing: subjects, verbs, objects; simple and compound sentences.
-Word association, collocations, and parts of speech.
-Paragraph writing: topic sentence, body, concluding sentence, mechanics and form.
-Generating details to support topic sentence.
-Writing about the present, past, future.
-Describing actions: progressive tense, adverbs of manner.
-Using modals, there is/are, articles.
-Revising their writing.


Learning Outcomes: Students will:
- employ the basic structures of English in order to carry on simple and predictable oral and written exchanges with few errors
- show increased fluency in reading and comprehension of English materials through developing skills
- understand vocabulary from context, recognize the author’s main idea, show understanding of the text by summarizing, inferring, skimming, scanning, and interpreting
- employ organisational skills in writing starting from sentence-level structures to develop the concept of having content and detail to support the topic
- explore and organise ideas
- develop cohesion and style in writing through the drafting and revision process
- learn and employ the correct forms for a variety of basic writing purposes


Grading System:  Mastery


Passing Grade:  A COM (completed), PGS (progressing) or DNC (did not complete) is based on a CaMLA minimum score of 27, or equivalent


Textbooks are subject to change.  Please contact the bookstore at your local campus for current book lists.