EDAS 148 - Exploring Diversity

This course will analyse diversity and how respect, understanding, and encouragement can affect the educational process. It will deepen the student's awareness and understanding of people, their values and cultures, with an emphasis on Aboriginal culture.


Credits:  3


Hours: 45 (Lecture Hours: 3)


Total Weeks:  15


EDAS 141A Education Assistant Foundations
EDAS 145 Social Foundations of Special Education
HDEC 101 Human Development 1
HDEC 100 Essential Skills for Human Service Workers

OR permission of the instructor


Non-Course Prerequisites: 






Course Content:
- Diversity issues
- Supporting Aboriginal learners
- Diversity
- Diversity/Social justice issues
- Appearance and age
- Class
- Culture
- Ability/disability
- Gender
- Language
- Race
- Religion/spirituality
- Sexual orientation
- Poverty
- Homelessness
- Stereotyping
- Prejudice
- Racism
- Bias
- Values
- Beliefs
- Multiculturalism
- Multicultural education
- Aboriginal issues
- Aboriginal education
- Mind maps
- Personal philosophy
- Think creatively
- Analyze situations
- Analyze media
- Advocate
- Communicate clearly, orally and in writing
- Listen actively
- Synthesize information
- ID barriers to inclusion
- Use appropriate motivation strategies
- Choose and apply appropriate learning strategies
- Access community resources


Learning Outcomes:
The intention of this course is to prepare students to work with children from differing cultural backgrounds. A student who successfully completes this course will be able to:
- Prepare and/or implement culturally responsive learning activities
- Assess an environment for inclusive attributes
- Advocate for student inclusion
- Develop inclusive environments
- Identify ways for students to develop positive and healthy relationships at school
- Assess personal values and beliefs
- Apply learning to practice
- Articulate a personal philosophy of respecting diversity. Use his/her understanding of culture and cultural differences to support the inclusion of all students

- Use his/her understanding of Aboriginal issues and teaching/learning strategies to support the academic and social development of Aboriginal children


Grading System:  Letters


Passing Grade:  C (60%)


Percentage of Individual Work:  90


Percentage of Group Work:  10


Text Books:

Textbooks are subject to change.  Please contact the bookstore at your local campus for current book lists.