EDCP 055 - Step Up for Success

Students will learn the necessary life-skills to succeed in today’s job market and prepare for higher education studies. Topics covered will include confidence building, communication skills, decision making skills, setting and achieving goals, resolving conflict, and problem solving. Students will set a game plan for college and higher education, a game plan for work, and prepare for the work-force with on-the-job skills and a budget to aid in their success.


Hours: 60 (Lecture: 60)




Non-Course Prerequisites: 




Course Content:
Getting Started
What is overcoming obstacles?
Setting Expectations
Confidence Building
Giving and Earning Respect
Identifying Strengths
Establishing what’s important
Improving well-being
Developing Personal Power
Communications Skills
Understanding Nonverbal Communication
Listening Critically
Speaking Responsibly
Communicating Constructively
Decision Making Skills
Starting the Decision Making Process
Gathering Information
Exploring Alternatives and Considering Consequences
Making and Evaluating Decisions
Setting and Achieving Goals
Identifying Goals
Setting Priorities
Developing a Positive Attitude
Accessing Resources
Learning to be Assertive
Resolving Conflict
Introducing Conflict Resolution
Uncovering Stereotypes
Managing Anger in Conflict Situations
Creating a Win-Win Situation
Problem Solving Techniques
Problem Solving in School
Problem Solving on the Job
Problem Solving at Home
Skills for School and Beyond
Identifying Your Learning Style
Managing Your Time
Reading, Listening and Note Taking
Writing Reports and Presenting to an Audience
Preparing for Tests and Exams
Managing Stress
A Game Plan for College/Higher Education
Assessing Your Talents and Interests
Determining the Training and Education You’ll Need
Choosing the Right Place: College/University/Technical School
Applying to College/University/Technical School
Discovering Money: Scholarships, Grants, Loans
A Game Plan for Work
Working Toward Your Goals
Exploring Job Possibilities
Looking for a Job
Preparing a Resume
Make Contacts
Getting a Job
Completing Applications
Preparing for an Interview
Following the Interview
Responding to a Job Offer
On-The-Job Skills
Developing a Positive Work Ethic
Working with Others
Communicating on the Job
Managing Time, Money and People
Advancing on the Job
On Your Own
Managing Your Finances
Making a Budget
Understanding Advertising and Mass Media
Becoming a Responsible Citizen


Learning Outcomes:
Upon successful completion of this course, students will have acquired the core skills required to further their education, seek meaningful employment and create a positive environment for themselves and others.


Grading System:  Attendance


Passing Grade:  Attendance of 80%


Text Books:
Textbooks are subject to change.  Please contact the bookstore at your local campus for current book lists.