ENGL 012 - Fundamental English Level 2

This course is designed to help adults develop the skills to read basic English passages and write complete simple sentences as assigned. The focus is beginning reading, writing and oral communication. Learners may be supported by volunteer literacy tutors in conjunction with community literacy programs as well as in instructor led groups.


Hours: 60 (Seminars and Tutorials: 60)


Total Weeks: 20


Completion of the CCP English Assessment


Non-Course Prerequisites:


Co-requisite Statement:


Course Content:
- Word analysis: personal and common sight words, vocabulary, contractions, abbreviations, capitals and plurals
- Basic reading comprehension skills: decoding phonic and context, main idea, characters, understanding and retelling
- Personal and functional sight words
- Text information location
- Structure analysis
- Write simple sentences using assigned sight words
- Write simple sentences to answer questions
- Learning strategies: time management, binder organization, independence, problem solving
- Goal setting and personal behavioral strategies


Learning Outcomes:
Upon successful completion of this course, learners will be able to:
- Increase sight word vocabulary of common and personally relevant words
- Develop awareness of word context as a decoding strategy
- Begin using simplified dictionaries
- Use phonic and context decoding strategies and punctuation cues to decode unknown words
- Use appropriate strategies to locate information in text
- Read simple passages with some fluency
- Follow simple written directions
- Read 150 - 300 personal and functional words
- Identify the main idea, characters and events in readings
- Write complete sentence answers to simple W5 questions
- Use effective learning strategies for independent study and work in small groups
- Identify short and long-term personal and literacy goals
- Improve ability to work independently
- Monitor punctuality, transportation, child-care arrangements and time management
- Develop awareness of personal learning strengths


Grading System: Other


Passing Grade: Master of Learning Outcomes


Percentage of Individual Work: 90


Percentage of Group Work: 10


Additional Comments:
- Individually-paced learning. Completion time will vary depending on learner's skills and the number of hours in class.
- Portfolios help learners see progress and develop strategies to better understand their own learning needs. Writing samples and lists of words they can read/ and or spell are examples of materials that are compiled, usually by the learner, with assistance if necessary.
- Log books are used to develop organizational and study skills to track attendance and hours spent on studies, monitor appointments with tutors, and keep lists of learned words and phrases, etc.


Textbooks are subject to change. Please contact the bookstore at your local campus for current book lists.