HAIR 102 - Hairstylist Salon Operations

Students will build on theory and techniques learned in HAIR 101 and will begin the operation of a fully functional Salon 2.5 days per week. The hair salon is open to the public and allows students to gain practical experience in all areas of salon management. Students will get hands-on work experience as a Hairstylist and a Receptionist, under the supervision of the instructor.


Hours: 472 (Lecture Hours: 160; Shop/Teaching Kitchen Hours: 312)




Non-Course Prerequisites:




Course Content:
- Sanitize tools and equipment
- Disinfect tools and equipment
- Maintain a safe and hygienic environment
- Use and maintain single-use tools and accessories
- Use and maintain cutting tools
- Use and maintain styling tools
- Use and maintain colouring tools
- Use and maintain per/relaxing tools
- Use and maintain client capes
- Use and maintain sanitizing and disinfecting equipment
- Use and maintain major equipment
- Use and maintain office equipment
- Prepare for client services
- Consult and communicate effectively with clients and coworkers
- Analyse facial shape, hair and scalp
- Shampoo and condition hair and scalp, and perform scalp massage
- Cut hair using tools, including facial and nape hair when appropriate
- Prepare and style hair
- Describe the procedure and perform hair colouring and lightening
- Perform chemical perms and waves
- Describe the principles of, and apply wigs, hairpieces and hair extensions
- Perform salon operations
- Complete financial transactions
- Maintain product inventory
- Market products and services.


Learning Outcomes: Students will be able to:
- Perform all the duties of a hairstylist in accordance with industry health and safety standards related to hygiene, sanitation and disinfection practices
- Use and maintain tools and equipment according to industry standards
- Demonstrate professional behavior and communication skills with clientsand co-workers
- Identify the structure and foundations of skin and hair, and recognize possible diseases and disorders
- Perform hair shampooing, conditioning and scalp massage services using the correct manipulations and professional haircare products
- Demonstrate elevated and non-elevated haircuts using a variety of tools and techniques
- Perform wet and dry hair styling using a variety of styling techniques, products and tools
- Apply the fundamentals of preparing and applying professional colour and lightening products using specific applications and techniques
- Demonstrate permanent wave  procedures using a variety of tools and techniques
- Describe the types and purposes of hair extensions, wigs and hairpieces
- Apply fundamental business management knowledge and skills needed to operate a hair salon. 


Grading System: Percentage


Passing Grade:  70%


Textbooks: Textbooks are subject to change. Please contact the bookstore at your local campus for current book lists.