HIST 210 - History of British Columbia

This course is a survey of the political, economic, social and cultural history of British Columbia from European contact to the present.


Credits: 3


Hours: 45 (Lecture Hours: 3)


Total Weeks: 15



First year history course or permission of instructor.


Non-Course Prerequisites:






Course Content:
- Introduction: Portraying a Province
- Pre-Contact and first European explorers
- Early fur trading
- Settlement
- The New Colony
- Emerging social structure: Politics & resourse industries
- Containing the “other”: Potlatch, Chinatown & Indo-Canadians
- Native history, native claims and self-determination
- “The Limit of Promise: 1914-1941’
- “The Two Sides of Prosperity”

- “A New British Columbia”: 1972-2004.


Learning Outcomes:
Upon completion of the course, the student should be able to:

- Explain the political evolvement of British Columbia from a trading territory, to a colony and to a province.
- Demonstrate an understanding of racial policies in British Columbia and how these policies affected various ethnic and racial groups
- Explain the origin of social movements, such as feminism and temperance movement and give examples on how they impacted modern British Columbia.

- Voice individual opinions regarding historical interpretations in language that respect differing points of view

-Identify arguments in historical texts
-Contrast and compare historical arguments in texts
on similar topics but with different arguments
-Write essays using academic language and structure.

- Access written texts through D2L
- Contribute to online discussions through D2L

- Submit written assignments through D2L


Grading System: Letters


Passing Grade: D (50%)


Percentage of Individual Work: 95


Percentage of Group Work: 5


Textbooks are subject to change.  Please contact the bookstore at your local campus for current book lists.