HMTA 200 - Heavy Mechanical Trades Level 2

There are 3 paths included within this course. They are described in the following manner:
Truck and Transport Mechanics diagnose, repair and service highway buses and trucks. They work for commercial transport vehicle dealers, garages and service stations. A Commercial Transport Vehicle Mechanic is designated as a Truck and Transport Mechanic under the Interprovincial Red Seal program. These mechanics work on the mechanical, electrical and electronic components of vehicles. This includes the fuel, brake, steering and suspension, transmission, emission control and exhaust, and cooling and climate control systems. Some mechanics specialize in one or more of these systems.

Heavy Duty Equipment Technicians overhaul, repair and service equipment such as graders, loaders, shovels, tractors, trucks, forklifts, drills, and wheeled and tracked vehicles. Working from manufacturers' specifications, they identify and repair problems in structural, mechanical, or hydraulic systems. Heavy Duty Equipment Technicians work on industrial and construction vehicles, such as mining trucks and bulldozers; on heavy equipment used in construction, forestry, materials handling, landscaping, and land clearing; as well as on buses and large trucks.

A Diesel Engine Mechanic installs, repairs, and maintains all internal combustion diesel engines and components as used in transport, construction, and marine.


Hours: 240 (Lecture Hours: 120;  Shop Teaching Kitchen: 120)


Total Weeks: 8




Non-Course Prerequisites:
Eligibility as indicated by the Industry Training Authority




Course Content:
- Diagnose and Repair Charging Systems
- Diagnose and Repair Starting Systems
- Diagnose and Repair Electrical Components and Systems
- D10 Diagnose and Repair Electronic Components and Systems
- Diagnose and Repair Vehicle Management Systems
- Describe Engine Fundamentals
- Diagnose and Repair Engine Support Systems
- Diagnose and Repair Diesel Supply Systems
- Describe Alternative Fuel Systems
- Diagnose Engines and Components
- Remove Engines and Components
- Describe Diesel Fuel Injection Fundamentals
- Diagnose and Repair Mechanical Fuel Injection Systems
- Diagnose and Repair Electronic Diesel Fuel Systems
- Diagnose and Repair Diesel Emissions Systems
- Diagnose and Repair Engine Brakes


Learning Outcomes:
This course follows the prescribed ITA Provincial curriculum for Heavy Duty Equipment Technician/Truck and Transport Mechanic/Diesel Engine Mechanic Level 2. This document can be found in its most current form at:


Grading System: Percentage


Passing Grade: 70%


Percentage of Individual Work: 100


Additional Course Comments:
All Students will sign and adhere to the Trades and Apprenticeship Safety and Attendance Policy.


Text Books:
Textbooks are subject to change. Please contact the bookstore at your local campus for current book lists.