Heavy Mechanical Foundations of Trades Safety

Students will complete the session in an online environment. They will learn the fundamental practices and safe work procedures required in a trades shop. This will also provide computer and software exposure and provide the student with real life learning and situations that require collaboration and communication, and safety.


Hours: 137 (Tutorials/Seminar: 137)




Non-Course Prerequisites:


HMTF 101


Course Content:
A-4 LT1 Describe Safety Gear and Work Clothing
A-4 LT2 Describe Fall Protection Systems
A-4 LT3 Lift and Move Objects Safely
A-5 LT1 Describe the conditions necessary to support a fire
A-5 LT2 Identify classes of fires and extinguishers
A-1 LT1 Describe the Causes and Results of Accidents
A-1 LT2 Describe Short-term Hazards in the Trades
A-1 LT3 Describe Long-Term Hazards in the Trades
A-1 LT4 Describe General Safety Precautions and Procedures
A-1 LT5 Describe Emergency Equipment and Facilities
A-1 LT6 Describe How a Workplace Safety Policy is Established
A-1 LT7 Describe Lockout and Tagout (LOTO) Procedures
A-2 LT1 Define Terms Used in the Workers Compensation Act
A-2 LT2 Describe WCA Conditions of Compensation
A-2 LT3 State the Responsibilities of Employers, Workers, and Others at the Workplace
A-3 LT1 Explain the Hazardous Products Legislation
A-3 LT2 Describe the Key Elements of WHMIS
A-3 LT3 Describe the Labeling of Controlled Products
A-3 LT4 Describe Information to be Disclosed on an SDS
 A-3 LT6 Explain WHMIS Education and Training
-Use Electronic Media
-Prepare Job Action
-Apply Math and Science
-Prepare for Employement

Learning Outcomes:The student, upon completion of the online training will be effective in their ability to maneuver in the shop environment and be aware of the hazards they may encounter. They will be aware of the legalities in the shop and most importantly will have developed skills to collaborate and communicate safety in the shop.  


Grading System: Percentage


Passing Grade: 70%


Textbooks are subject to change. Please contact the bookstore at your local campus for current book lists.