IMHA 312 - Assessment and Treatment

This course presents an overview of the knowledge and skills needed to assess acute and persistent mental health and substance use challenges. Applying a biopsychosocial lens and strength-based collaborative approach to assessment, students learn to conduct a social history, develop a written biopsychosocial assessment, and create a plan that matches services to the goals and needs of the individual.


Hours:  45 (Lecture Hours: 45)




Non-Course Prerequisites:


Pre- or Co-Requisites:
IMHA 310


Course Content:
- Psychosocial histories, biopsychosocial assessments, and personalized plans 
- Assessment tools
- Risk management
- An evidence-based conceptual framework
- A multicultural framework


Learning Outcomes:
- Conduct a psychosocial history and produce comprehensive biopsychosocial assessments and personalized plans 
- Apply a range of assessment tools to screen for mental illness and substance use and to evaluate the psychosocial functioning of the individual and his/her family
- Assess and manage risk according to individual need and organizational protocols and expectations
- Apply an evidence-based conceptual framework to facilitate planning
- Apply a multicultural framework to assessment and planning


Grading System: Letter Grades


Passing Grade: C+


Text Books:
Textbooks are subject to change. Please contact the bookstore at your local campus for current book lists.