ITEC 235 - Computer Graphics and Animation for the Web

Students will use JavaScript to create graphics and animation for the Web. Topics covered include geometries, meshes, cameras, lightings, materials, textures, morphing and rendering. The course uses a JavaScript API for rendering interactive animation on web browsers without plug-ins. 


Hours: 45 (Lecture: 45)


ITEC 112


Non-Course Prerequisite:




Course Content:
- Overview of graphics and animation for the Web
- Scenes
- Geometries and meshes
- Lighting
- Materials and textures
- Points and sprites
- Morphing
- Cameras
- Timelines
- Storyboarding


Learning Outcomes:
- Apply principles of animation
- Create scenes, timelines, storyboards
- Create geometries, materials and textures
- Select and use lightings and cameras
- Develop animations using JavaScripts
- Deploy animations on the web


Grading System:  Letter Grades


Passing Grade:  D


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