JEDT 002 - Kitchen Helper

Course Details
Course Code:
JEDT 002

Calendar Description:
This course is expected to equip students with the knowledge and skills necessary to be employable as trained Kitchen Helpers in the food industry.

Total Hours: 180

Be motivated toward employment in the food industry - Be physically capable of carrying loaded trays of dishes, placing them in storage after cleaning, and making clean implements available to chefs when needed.

Learning Outcomes:
- The student:
A. knows the employer's expectations for appearance and tidiness
B. demonstrates the appropriate appearance including garment choice & neatness/cleanliness requirements
- The student demonstrates the ability to interact positively with employer(s) and fellow workers
- The student reports for work on time ready to fulfill assigned duties
- The student demonstrates honesty and trustworthiness in all work/training activities
- The student demonstrates the ability to follow directions of the employer and those other employees who are expected to provide direction
- The student demonstrates the ability to receive goods and properly store them for use
- The student demonstrates respect for equipment, tools, dishes, cookware, and food resources
- The student demonstrates the ability to perceive what is needed, what needs doing, & to take initiative within the boundaries of expected duties without being instructed to do so
- The student demonstrates the ability to work as a team player in co-operation with other employees

Performance tasks:
- in a staged setting, seeks direction as to expected attire
- in a work experience setting, seeks direction as to expected attire
- regularly appears for work appropriately dressed
- uniform/clothing is clean and neat at the beginning of each shift
- remains invisible to clients/customers in soiled work garments
- during training, staff and other students indicate co-operation and mutual respect
- during training, customers are asked for input and provide positive feedback
- arrives for work/class at least five minutes prior to expected starting time
- regularly has uniforms, equipment required for assigned task
- does not participate in gossiping, demeaning, or criticizing employers, fellow workers, or customers
- demonstrates respect for the possessions of the employer and other employees
- protects the health of others by following food guidelines re: refrigeration, etc.
- regularly follows the directions of the instructor or employer
- seeks clarification if directions are not understood
- regularly completes tasks/duties as expected by the instructor/employer
- demonstrates effective inventory management - first in, first out, - especially for perishables
- demonstrates knowledge of storage locations and what goes in each section
- demonstrates safe and proper lifting procedures
- advises appropriate staff member when levels of goods appear low to facilitate re-ordering
- uses tools/equipment safely and only after being taught and approved for that activity
- demonstrates awareness of the value of equipment and the need to attain maximum life from such purchases
- performs routine maintenance as required, including knife sharpening
- demonstrates WHIMIS knowledge and expectations re:safety
- equipment not being used is properly cleaned and stored for the next user
- is flexible and able to alter activities and respond to a cook's need for a particular cooking device
- has a functional working vocabulary of kitchen terms (dice, saute, etc.) & implement names
- floor cleaning - sweeping and mopping - occur as time permits and when required
- broken dishes are swept up and removed in a timely manner
- smiles often and is cheerful
- demonstrates pride in performing duties thoroughly and well
- interacts positively with other employees contributing to a productive and comfortable work place
- accepts constructive criticism and looks to grow
- willingly expands knowledge and skills; enthusiastic about trying new things

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