JEDT 005 - Bakers' Assistant

This course is expected to equip students with the knowledge and skills necessary to be employable as trained Bakers Assistants in the food industry.


Hours: 180


Be motivated toward employment in the food industry - Be physically capable of lifting and carrying bulk quantities of food preparation components and equipment - (be able to lift and manage weights in the 30 to 40 pound range)


Non-Course Prerequisites:




Learning Outcomes:
1. The student:
A. knows the employer's expectations for appearance and tidiness
B. demonstrates appropriate appearance including garment choice & neatness/ cleanliness requirements

2. The student demonstrates the ability to interact positively with employer(s) and fellow workers

3. The student reports for work on time ready to fulfill assigned duties

4. The student demonstrates honesty and trustworthiness in all work/training activities

5. The student demonstrates the ability to follow the directions of the employer and those other employees who are expected to provide direction including, but not limited to, defrosting, proofing, packaging, and storing ready bake products

6. The student understands recipes and can create cookies, muffins, breads and squares

7. The student demonstrates the ability to receive goods and properly store them for use

8. The student demonstrates respect for equipment, tools, dishes, cookware, and food resources; included is the use and care of 5 and 20 quart mixers.

9. The student demonstrates the ability to perceive what is needed, what needs doing, & to take initiative within the boundaries of expected duties without being instructed to do so

10. The student demonstrates the ability to work as a team player in cooperation with other employees


Grading System:


Passing Grade:


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