JEDT 012 - Numeracy

To equip students with the necessary numeracy knowledge and skills to work efficiently and safely in key fields related to the food industry.


Hours: 120


The student will have the recommendation of the college counsellor and the referring agency indicating a positive potential for success in the identified Learning Plan.



Non-Course Prerequisites:




Learning Outcomes:
- The student, in a numeracy problem, will know:
A.what addition is and when to use this operation
B.what subtraction is and when to use this operation
C.what multiplication is and when to use this operation
D.what division is and when to use this operation
- The student demonstrates the ability to perform these numeracy functions in a problem using acquired fact skills or using a calculator (or other appropriate electronic device)
- The student can use the numeracy operations to two decimal places (money)
- The student can demonstrate the use of imperial and metric measurement re: volume and length


Grading System: Pass/Fail


Passing Grade: Pass 


Textbooks are subject to change.  Please contact the bookstore at your local campus for current book lists.