LAND 112 - Contract Law

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Course Code:
LAND 112


Calendar Description:
The course gives an overview of the historical aspects of the development of law. The major consideration will be contract law as it relates to real property and land agency transactions. Special emphasis will be placed on contracts, leases, and legal relationships that pertain to land.

Total Hours: 34
Lecture Hours: 4.5



Course Content:
Negotiation of Surface Lease and Right-of-way Agreements
- land agent package
- British Columbia/Alberta environmental guidelines
- residual and reversionary rights
- clauses of a surface lease
- changes in right-of-way agreement
- dynamics of negotiating surface rights

Canadian Legal System
- origins of the Canadian legal system
- sources of law
- major acts that have been culminated in Canadian Law

Formation of Contracts
- contractual relationship
- legalities of contracts
- classes of contractual mistakes
- legal misrepresentation
- duress and undue influence

Termination of Contracts
- termination by performance
- termination by breach of contract
- termination by agreement
- termination by frustration
- remedies for breach of contract

Agency Relationship
- duties of the agent
- duties of the principal
- special agency relationships
- termination of agency

Basic Real Estate Law
- identification of legal interest in land
- types of tenancies

Environmental Law
- role of the government
- administrative procedures
- rules of natural justice
- judicial review process

Learning Outcomes:
Upon completion of this course, students will be able to:
- describe negotiations of surface leases and right-of-way agreements
- describe the relationship between the Canadian legal system and related Contract Law
- describe the formation of contracts
- describe the termination of contracts
- explain the expectations of agent/client relationships
- describe basic real estate law
- describe environmental law (optional)

Grading System:

Grading Weight:
Final Exam: 20 %
Quizzes and Tests: 60 %
Assignments: 20 %

Other Programs:
Land & Resource Management Diploma

Additional Comments:
Supplementary Reading:
Yates, Richard A., Business Law in Canada, 2nd Ed., 1989, Prentice-Hall Canada Inc.

Students will be encouraged to read newspaper and legal articles.