LAND 226 - Introduction to Forestry

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LAND 226


Calendar Description:
This course will introduce the student to the forest industry and forestry operations. Topics of study will include: the scale, location and products of the BC industry, set in a Canadian and global context; basic forestry operations (planning, harvesting, silviculture), multi-resource management, and; the regulatory framework in BC.

Total Hours: 34

Total Weeks:

Full-time enrollment in the LRM program or consent of the instructor

Course Content:
Describe the Significant Features of the BC Forest Industry in a Canadian and Global Context
-describe the location, scale and products of the BC industry
-outline the Canadian and global forest industries

Describe Forest Harvesting Operations
-describe timber harvest planning
-outline road building, layout and cruising operations
-describe felling, skidding, delimbing, bucking, and trucking operations
-describe deactivation procedures

Describe Regeneration Silviculture Operations
-outline Silviculture Prescriptions
-describe site preparation treatments
-describe methods for achieving regeneration
-describe vegetation management and spacing activities

Describe Stand Tending Operations
-outline Stand Management prescriptions
-describe thinning operations
-outline pruning and fertilization activities

Outline Forest Health Issues
-outline life history, damage and management of major insect pests
-outline life history, damage and management of major pathogens
-outline role and management of fire

Outline the Management of Landscapes for Multiple Resource Values
-outline multiple resource management paradigms
-outline non-timber values of forests

Describe the Regulatory Framework Governing Forestry in BC
-outline the Forest Act
-outline the role of major Canadian acts
- describe the Forest Practices Code of BC Act and its significant Regulations

Learning Outcomes:
Upon completion of these course, students will be able to:
1. describe the significant features of the BC forest industry in a Canadian and global context
2. describe forest harvesting operations
3. describe regeneration silviculture operations
4. describe stand tending operations
5. outline forest health issues
6. outline the management of landscapes for multiple resource values
7. describe the regulatory framework governing forestry in BC

Grading System:

Grading Weight:
Final Exam: 40 %
Assignments: 35 %
Project: 15 %
Participation: 10 %

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