LAND 275 - Industrial Development: Impacts and Issues

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LAND 275


Calendar Description:
This course will outline some of the negative impacts generated by industrial development, with emphasis on the oil and gas sector. Stress will be placed on the concept of negative externalities and the desirability of accounting for and mitigating them in industrial development. Contrasting viewpoints outlining opposition to and the desirability of industrial development will be presented. Material will be drawn together in a closing module that discusses ethics in general and land ethics specifically.

Total Hours: 45

LAND 120, LAND 121 and must be also enrolled full-time in the Land and Resource Management program or consent of the instruct


Course Content:
Explain the Concept of Negative Externalities
- Describe negative externalities.
- Demonstrate ways of accounting for negative externalities.

Describe Negative Affects and the Benefits of Oil and Gas Development
- Describe some of the air quality issues.
- Describe contaminated sites: legislation, techniques.
- Describe groundwater contamination and aquifer drainage.
- Describe some of the noise and intrusions.
- Describe some of the views of the industry versus its components.

Describe General Effects of Surface Development on Ecological Processes and Features
- Describe general surface disturbance issues (oil and gas; forestry; rights-of-ways).
- Describe fragmentation in the landscape.
- Describe wildlife habitat loss.
- Describe briefly, the game and fur-bearing species and their population dynamics.
- Describe edible/medicinal plant loss.

Outline Reservoir Dynamics
- Describe the life expectancies of a reservoir.
- Describe sedimentation/erosion.
- Describe lake/reservoir ecology.
- Describe effects on rivers.

Outline Some Measures that Mitigate the Effects of Surface Development
- Describe mitigating measures used in regards to mining.
- Describe mitigating measures used in regards to reservoirs.
- Describe mitigation measures used in regards to forestry.

Explain Some Basic Concepts in Ethics, With Emphasis on Land Ethics
- Explain what ethics are and as they apply to Land Use Ethics.
- Explain some of the differing approaches and views of land ethics.

Learning Outcomes:
Upon completion of this course, students will be able to:
- Explain the concept of negative externalities.
- Describe some of the negative affects of ail and gas development.
- Describe general effects of surface development on ecological processes and features.
- Outline reservoir dynamics.
- Outline some measures that mitigate the effects of surface development.
- Explain some basic concepts in ethics, with emphasis on land ethics.

Grading System:

Grading Weight:
Final Exam: 30 %
Quizzes and Tests: 15 %
Assignments: 35 %
Project: 20 %

Other Programs:
Land & Resource Management Diploma