MATH 013-Fundamental Math Level 3

This course is designed to help adults develop personal math skills. Fundamental Level 3 Mathematics will give students a strong foundation of multiplying and dividing numbers, making change from one hundred dollars, simple geometry, time and the metric system.


Hours: 60 (Seminars/Tutorials Hours: 60)


Total Weeks: 20


Completion of CCP Math Assessment


Non-Course Prerequisites:




Course Content:
- Number & Number Operations
- Operations & Applications
- Patterns, Functions & Relations
- Real Life Applications
- Measurement
- Geometry

- Skills and Strategies for Learning


Learning Outcomes:
Upon successful completion of this course, students will be able to:
- Explain or use examples of keywords: quotient, remainder, dividend, divisor, division, divide, go into, by, factors
- Multiply whole numbers with carrying
- Estimate products
- Memorize division facts
- Divide whole numbers without remainder
- Divide whole numbers with remainder
- Check a division question using multiplication
- Estimate quotients
- Check multiplication with division
- Recognize the relationship between multiplication and division
- Divide whole numbers by 10‘s ; 100‘s; 1000‘s
- Determine a number‘s divisibility by 2; 3; 5; and 9
- Demonstrate division by regrouping
- Make change up to $100
- Apply multiplication to real life situations
- Apply multiplication to solve multi-step word problems reflecting real life situations
- Use manipulatives to explain division
- Solve division word problems reflecting real life situations
- Solve multi-operation word problems
- Calculate unit prices using whole numbers
- Calculate best buy using whole numbers
- Explain or use examples of keywords: basic prefixes of metric system
- Recognize basic metric units
- Define basic prefixes of metric system
- Explain or use examples of keywords: area
- Calculate area of a square
- Calculate area of a rectangle
- Compare and contrast perimeter and area informally, using a drawing or shape
- Apply logical thinking to math operations
- Work independently
- Ask for help
- Receive and respond to feedback
- Manage time to complete assignments in and out of class
- Recognize personal learning strengths and styles
- Use an answer key to mark and self-assess
- Locate information in a textbook
- Develop a variety of test taking strategies
- Check that the question was accurately transferred
- Organize computation effectively
- Set learning goals to manage time to complete assignments in and out of class
- Give and receive help in a respectful manner
- Use a variety of test taking strategies
- Use critical thinking skills

- Manage frustrations of learning


Grading System: Other


Passing Grade: Master of Learning Outcomes.


Percentage of Individual Work: 100


Additional Course Information:

Individually paced learning. In assessment, it may be determined that some of the outcomes have already been met. In this case, students will focus on the outcomes which still need to be achieved.


Textbooks are subject to change. Please contact the bookstore at your local campus for current book lists.