MILL101 - Millwright Foundation

Millwrights are primary maintenance personnel and are expected to install, maintain, and repair all types of machinery in the mining, forestry, and energy industries. In this course, students will be provided with an overview of both the Millwright program and the industry's workforce requirements with a strong emphasis on safety and tool usage. Upon successful completion of this course, learners will progress to Level 2 technical training.


Hours: 720 (Lecture Hours: 245; Shop/Teaching Kitchen: 475)




Non-Course Prerequisites:




Course Content:
-Bench Work
-Working with numbers
-Fire Safety
-Employment Research
Perform Safety Related Functions:
- Use Codes, regulations and standards
- Use personal protective equipment and safety equipment
- Maintain a safe work site
- Perform lock-out, tag out and zero energy procedures.
Use Tools and Equipment
- Use hand and portable power tools
- Use shop machines
- Use access equipment
Perform Routine Trade Activities
- Use math and science
- Lubricate systems and components
- Perform leveling components and systems
- Use fastening and retaining devices
- Use manufacturer, supplies and reference documentation
- Use mechanical drawings and specifications 
Use Communication and Mentoring Techniques
- Use communication techniques
Perform Measuring and Layout of Workpiece
- Prepare work area, tools and equipment
- Layout and fabricate workpiece
Perform Cutting and Welding Operations
- Cut material with oxy-fuel and plasma cutting equipment
Perform Rigging, Hoisting/Lifting and Moving
- Select and use sling and rigging attachments
- Select and use hoisting and lifting equipment
- Create a rigging plan


Learning Outcomes: This course follows the prescribed ITA Provincial curriculum for Millwright Level 1. The document can be found in its most current form at:  


Grading System: Percentage


Passing Grade: 70%


Textbooks are subject to change.  Please contact the bookstore at your local campus for current book lists.