PLMB 150 - Plumber Practicum

This is an unpaid work practicum which will be coordinated by Trades Staff and supervised by the employer and instructor. In this time, students will be exposed to operating terminology and become involved with the daily routine and duties performed by a Plumber. Practicum placements will be arranged only upon recommendation of the Instructor and efforts will be made to provide placements in line with student preferences. Employers will be requested to provide a variety of tasks in line with the student's learning objectives. If a practicum placement with an actual employer cannot be offered, students will complete their practicum in the Northern Lights College lab under supervision of their Instructor. Students may also have the opportunity to work on the plumbing requirements of the Enhanced Carpentry Foundation Program's residential construction project.

Hours: 180 (Practicum: 180)

Successful completion of PLMB 100 Plumber Level 1

Non-Course Pre-Requisites:

WFTR 108 H2S Alive
WFTR 114 Transportation of Dangerous Goods (TDG)

Course Content:
Improve and expand on skills and theory taught in the Plumber program. Content to be guided by the employer. Skill development, workplace relationships and communication, commitment to the employer.

Learning Outcomes:
Gain experience and demonstrate skills learned in the classroom/lab session. Perform first/second year apprenticeship tasks as assigned.
Applies theoretical knowledge in practical situation
Uses time productively at all times. Accepts criticism in a positive manner. Participates in a team approach to productivity.
Selects and uses appropriate tools and materials. Demonstrates trade skill expected of a first/second year apprentice.

Grading System: Pass/Fail

Passing Grade: Pass

Percentage of Individual Work: 100

Textbooks are subject to change. Please contact the bookstore at your local campus for current book lists.