PNUR 247 - Transition to Preceptorship

Transition to Preceptorship will prepare the learner for the final practice experience. A combination of instructor led simulation experiences and self directed learning will provide the learner with increased competence and confidence to practice in their chosen area for Preceptorship (i.e. medical, surgical, complex care).


Hours: 30 (Other Contact Hours: 30)


PNUR 240, PNUR: 241, PNUR 242, PNUR 243, PNUR 245, PNUR 246


Non-Course Prerequisites:




Detailed Course Content, Topics and Sequence Covered:
Course outcomes will be met through examination and exploration of the following:- Student self-evaluation of learning needs
- Preparation of a learning plan appropriate to placement
- Review and practice of relevant knowledge, skills, and abilities 
- Self reflective practice and leadership
- Review of interprofessional competencies
- Review of appropriate clinical practice guidelines and decision support tools
- Agency orientation and introduction  to the practice education model
- Simulated scenarios appropriate to selected area of practice


Learning Outcomes:
Upon successful completion of this course, within the simulated learning environment, the learner will be able to:1.   Develop a learning plan to be shared with mentors and preceptor in the final practice experience
2.   Apply agency policies/preceptor in final practice experience
3.   Competently apply knowledge and skills relevant to the final practice experience
4.   Initiate, support, and develop respectful, supportive collaborative relationships in the practice environment
5.   Be familiar with the established policies and procedures of agency where culminating practice education experience(s) will occur
6.   Describe the leadership role within role and responsibility of Practical Nurses


Grading System: Percentage Grades


Passing Grade: 68%


Text Books:
Textbooks are subject to change.  Please contact the bookstore at your local campus for current book lists.