PSYC 101 - Introduction to Psychology I

This general survey course includes topics such as a brief history of psychology, elementary experimental design, the nervous system, stress, sensation and perception, conscious and unconscious mental processes, learning and memory.


Credits: 3


Hours: 45 (Lecture Hours: 3)


Total Weeks: 15





Non-Course Prerequisites:






Course Content:
- History and Scope of Psychology
- Research Methods in Psychology
- Evolutionary Psychology
- The Biological Bases of Behaviour
- Sensation and Perception
- Mind, Consciousness, and Altered States
- Learning and Behavioural Analysis
- Memory

- Cognitive Processes


Learning Outcomes:
Upon successful completion of this course, students will be able to:
- Identify causes and factors involved in the dynamics of human behaviors
- Apply diverse scientific perspectives and approaches in analyzing complex behavioral processes
- Demonstrate evidence of critical thinking

- Understand and correctly define common terms and processes of psychology


Grading System: Letters


Passing Grade: D (50%)


Percentage of Individual Work: 85


Percentage of Group Work: 15


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