ROTO 121 - Bell 206 Series Airframes

This is a Field Maintenance Course of two week duration, (60 hours) intended to meet industry's needs for qualified Helicopter Maintenance Engineers to maintain and certify the Bell 206 airframe. Most government and industry requirements for recurrent training are also met when attending this course.


Hours: 60 (Lecture Hours: 40; Other Contact Hours: 20)


Total Weeks: 2





Non-Course Prerequisites:
An Aircraft Maintenance Engineering license or graduation from an acceptable Aircraft Maintenance Engineering course.




Course Content:

- Course Orientation

- General Aircraft Overview

- Type Certificate Data Sheet

- Maintenance Publications

- Handling and Servicing

- Weight and Balance

- Major Fuselage and Section

- Inspection of Structures

- Landing Gear

- Hydraulics

- Tail Boom

- Ventilation System

- Fire Extinguisher

- Main Rotor Brake

- Main Rotor Head and Blade Assembly

- Main Rotor Head Assembly

- Main Rotor Pitch Links

- Main Rotor Track and Balance

- Swashplate Assembly

- Flight Control Bolts

- Main Rotor Drive System Components

- Main Rotor Mast

- Main Rotor Transmission

- Main Drive Shaft

- Freewheel Unit

- Tail Rotor

- Fuel System 206B / B3 Fuel System 206L

- Electrical Systems

- Engine Major Assemblies

- Engine Starter Generator

Learning Outcomes:
- Locate and interpret the information and instructions found in the various maintenance and repair manuals published by the manufacturer and manufacturer's vendors;
- Select and adapt methods of effective maintenance management;
- Identify and recognize routine maintenance and inspection requirements of this helicopter;
- Maintain and repair the airframe and various airframe systems of this helicopter e.g. fuel system, rotor systems, etc.;
- Use the Chadwick Helmuth Strobex equipment for vibration analysis and rectification;
- Organize and use effective trouble shooting procedures;
- Promote safety by reinforcing professional attitudes;
- Develop an overall sense of confidence with respect to their ability to maintain this type of helicopter;



Grading System: Percentage


Passing Grade: 70% (In order to receive a certificate for this course you must complete all of the quizzes and exams with an overall average of 70%)


Percentage of Individual Work: 100


Textbooks are subject to change.  Please contact the bookstore at your local campus for current book lists.