SOSC 220 - Research Methods for the Social Sciences

This course provides an introduction to social science research. The student will be encouraged to develop analytical and research skills with a focus on theories of logic and inquiry.


Credits: 3


Hours: 45 (Lecture Hours: 3)


Total Weeks: 15



One Social Science course
OR Permission of Instructor


Non-Course Prerequisites:






Course Content:
- Doing Social Research
- Theory and Social Research
- Ethics in Social Research
- Reviewing the Scholarly Literature and Planning a Study
- Designing a Study Chapter
- Qualitative and Quantitative Measurement
- Qualitative and Quantitative Sampling
- Survey Research
- Experimental Research
- Nonreactive Quantitative Research and Secondary Analysis
- Analysis of Quantitative Data
- Qualitative Interviewing
- Field Research
- Nonreactive Qualitative Research
- Analysis of Qualitative Data
- Combining Methods in Social Science Research
- Doing a Research Project


Learning Outcomes:
Upon the successful completion of this course, students should be able to:
- Describe the scientific nature of research in the social sciences
- Critically and analytically assess existing social science research
- Identify the strengths and weaknesses of both qualitative and quantitative research methods
- Demonstrate basic social research skills
- Identify and explain ethical concerns and considerations in conducting research

- Gain practical experience in research techniques by preparing and completing a research proposal


Grading System: Letters


Passing Grade: D (50%)


Percentage of Individual Work: 100


Textbooks are subject to change.  Please contact the bookstore at your local campus for current book lists.