VSAR 113 - Visual Culture I

An introduction to the analysis and reception of visual images and objects within their historical and social contexts. 


Hours: 45 (Lecture Hours: 45)


Total Weeks:  15





Non-Course Prerequisites:




- The elements of perception: the eye and the brain
- The history of perspective
- Culture: high, low, mass and pop
- Modernity and the problem of the observer
- Camera obscura and the photograph
- Subjective vision and the division of labour
- The flaneur, public space and shopping
- Art in the age of mechanical reproduction
- The society of the spectacle
- The male gaze
- The machine eye



Learning Outcomes:
Upon successful completion of this course, students will be able to:
- Identify and discuss key historical and cultural 'lenses' used in the history of art from the modern era to present
- Apply a critical and cultural awareness to the practise of their own studio work and the visual environment that surrounds them daily


Grading System:  Letter Grades


Passing Grade:  C (60%)


Percentage of Group Work: 100


Textbooks are subject to change. Please contact the bookstore at your local campus for current book lists.