WTMT108 - Wind Turbine Towers

This course introduces the student to the practices of the Wind Turbine industry regarding Wind Turbine towers and peripheral equipment. This includes cabling, ladder systems, manlift systems, platform installations and emergency descent systems.


Hours: 16 (Lecture Hours: 8;  Laboratory Hours: 8)


Total Weeks: 0.5








Course Content:
-Tower install and securement
- Ladder systems and related safety equipment
- Tower cabling and securement devices
- Manlift equipment and supporting systems
- Hatches and access doors


Learning Outcomes:
Upon successful completion of this course, learners will be able to:
- Describe the turbine tower and its features
- Identify ladder systems and the related safety equipment
- Describe tower cabling systems and the securement devices
- Describe the various manlift devices and supporting equipment
- Identify hatches and access door configurations


Grading System: Percentage


Passing Grade: 70 %


Supplies: Coveralls, footwear having CSA approved safety-toe protection, CSA approved safety glasses with clear lenses, learning modules, notebooks, and calculator.


Textbooks: Textbooks are subject to change. Please contact the bookstore at your local campus for current book lists.