YETS 090 - Youth Explore Trades Sampler

Youth Explore Trades Sampler(YETS) is intended to introduce students in grades 9 - 12 (primary focus is grades 10 and 11) with the opportunity to sample trades prior to engaging in the commitment required to complete a classic dual credit or apprenticeship educational pathway. YETS allows students to make an informed choice regarding the trade which may interest them. It is intended to help students gain a clearer understanding of the standards, material, instructional methods and academic performance associated with apprenticeship training. This course provides a well aligned entry point into the Dual Credit Trades and Apprenticeship opportunities available at Northern Lights College. Students will be exposed to 5 trades which include but are not limited to Carpentry, Mechanics, Plumbing, Electrical and Welding. They will also participate in the Work Experience (WEX) program with their local school district to complete a 2 week work practicum in partnership with this opportunity.


Hours: 360 (Lecture Hours: 108; Shop/Teaching Kitchen: 252)


Total Weeks:12


Prerequisites: None


Non-Course Prerequisites: None


Co-requisites: None


Course Content:
Employability Skills
- Describe the apprenticeship system
- Use communication skills
- Use numeracy skills
- Apply study skills
- Describe employer expectations
Use Safe Work Practices
- Control workplace hazards
- Use OHS regulations and WorkSafeBC standards
- Use personal protective Equipment
- Describe fire protection
- Use fire extinguishers
Use Tools and Equipment
- Use common hand tools
- Use common portable power tools
Organize Work
- Read and interpret drawings
- Describe codes and regulations
- Use codes and regulations
Workforce Certificates
- Complete WHMIS training
- Complete Level 1 First Aid training
Employment Engagement
- Attend a worksite visit
- Attend a guest speaker event


Learning Outcomes: Youth Explore Programs let you try out 5 different trades. You'll learn the basics and get a sense of what trade you want to pursue. You’ll also gain practical skills and even complete certifications that trades employers are looking for.


Grading System: Attendance/No Show


Additional Course Comments:All Students will sign and adhere to the Trades and Apprenticeship Safety and Attendance Policy.


Textbooks:Textbooks are subject to change. Please contact the bookstore at your local campus for current book lists.