Professional Cook 1 Institutional Entry

Program Description

The Professional Cook program follows ITA prescribed course curriculum for institutional entry to Professional Cook 1. Learners will perform all phases of kitchen activities including the preparation and presentation of vegetables, soups, sauces, meat, fish and poultry; cold kitchen items; desserts, baking, pastry; basic menu planning/costing as well as knowledge of safety, sanitation and food storage.
Learners will also gain valuable knowledge of human and customer relations which will enable them to become leaders in their field. Level 1 starts learners in a fully supervised environment performing basic cooking and food preparation tasks. There is a standardized ITA exam upon completion of this level.


Career Prospects

Professional Cooks work in a variety of settings including: camps, institutional kitchens, family restaurants, hotels, cruise ships, ferry boats, resorts, nursing homes, hospitals, catering operations, and airlines.

Here is a success story of one of NLC's graduates from the professional cook training program. Quality education and hands on training lead to a rewarding career:


Location: Dawson Creek Campus

Length: 20 weeks

Start: September and February

Fees: Current Fee Schedule

Admission Prerequisites

Provide British Columbia secondary school transcripts or equivalent indicating successful completion of Grade 10 level that includes:
• Grade 10 English, OR Career and College Preparation ENGL 030 (Advanced/Grade 10) with 67 per cent (C+) or higher;
• Grade 10 Math (Apprenticeship and Workplace Math), OR Career and College Preparation MATH 030 (Intermediate Developmental Math), MATH 031(Intermediate Trades Math) or MATH 035 (Intermediate Algebraic Math) with 67 per cent (C+) or higher.
Complete the following sections of the Canadian Adult Achievement Test (CAAT):
• Reading Comprehension: 11.0 grade equivalent or higher
• Number Operations: 11.0 grade equivalent or higher
• Problem Solving: 11.0 grade equivalent or higher

Dual Credit
• Grade 10 level completion that includes Grade 10 English, Grade 10 Math (Apprenticeship and Workplace Math), each with 67 per cent (C+) or higher.

Post-Admission Requirements:

After being accepted into the program but before classes begin, students will be required to provide proof of the following certifications:
• Workplace Hazardous Materials Information System (WHMIS).
• Occupational First Aid - Level 1
• FoodSafe Level 1

* All certificates must be valid for the term of the program. Failure to provide proof may result in immediate dismissal from the program.


Important Notes

  1. The program is eligible for Canada Student Loans. 
  2. The program is affiliated with Peace River South School District 59, Peace River North School District 60, Northern Alberta Institute of Technology, the Industry Training Authority and Go 2 (Industry training organization who monitors all hospitality type industry for the ITA)
  3. The information on this program page is a summary of the official Program Completion Guide approved by NLC’s Education Council. Download a PDF of the Program Completion Guide PDF

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Associate Dean: Robert McAleney
Program Instructor: Michael French
Apprenticeship Contact: Department


Required Courses:

PCOI 101 Professional Cook 1 Institutional Entry (600hrs)