University Arts and Sciences - Diploma in Criminology

Program Description:

A Diploma in Criminology will be awarded to students who complete the equivalent of two years of required first and second-year courses at Northern Lights College. The diploma is intended to prepare students for entry-level employment positions and for continued studies in academic and professional programs. Relevant areas of work and additional education include Corrections, Criminology, Criminal Justice, Forensic Studies, and Law Enforcement.

Career Prospects

By taking a planned combination of Northern Lights College courses, students may gain entry-level employment in or prepare for continued study in the following fields: lawyer, sheriff, police officer, correctional services, parole officer, probation officer, border services, aboriginal liaison officer, or detachment clerk.


Students who complete NLC’s Criminology Diploma with a minimum per course GPA of 2.00 are eligible to apply for block transfer into the third year of the JIBC’s >>Bachelor of Law Enforcement Studies (BLES). Please consult your instructor or program Chair for more details.

Northern Lights College courses transfer individually to other colleges, universities, and institutes in British Columbia. Students will receive transfer credit for courses as noted in the BC Transfer Guide


Locations: Dawson Creek and Fort St. John (Fort Nelson and Chetwynd offerings are also available, but students at these locations must consult with the Program Chair before enrolling in the program to ensure course availability.)

Length: 60 weeks (or two years of full-time study)

Start: September, January, May

Fees: Current Fee Schedule 

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Admission Prerequisites:

*English is the language of instruction in all programs at NLC, thus it is imperative that NLC students meet minimum English Language Proficiency requirements.

*In University Arts and Sciences and Related Programs, it is understood that the minimum English Language Proficiency requirement is that required to graduate from a Canadian high school program conducted in English. This is defined in the English Language Requirement document.


A. Domestic students must have official transcripts demonstrating the following Math Requirement: One of the following with a 'C' grade (60%) or higher: Pre-calculus 11, Principles of Mathematics 11, Foundations of Math 11, Math 040, or equivalent. Alternatively, readiness for MATH 050 as determined by the CCP Math appraisal.

B. International students must have documentation demonstrating the following Math Requirement: One of the following with a 'C' grade (60%) or higher: Pre-calculus 11, Principles of Mathematics 11, Foundations of Math 11, Math 040, or equivalent. Alternatively, readiness for MATH 050 as determined by the CCP Math appraisal.

*Note that some University Arts and Sciences courses elective courses have specific pre-requisites. Meeting the entrance requirements for the University Arts and Sciences program does not ensure course pre-requisites have been met for all available courses.

Important Notes

1. The program is eligible for Canada Student Loans for Domestic Students. Visit StudentAid BC to apply for financial assistance online.  Note that dual credit students are not eligible for Student Aid.
2. Under the terms of an amended block-transfer agreement with Royal Roads University, Northern Lights College students who complete the Diploma will be eligible for block transfer into the third year of a Bachelor of Arts (BA) in Justice Studies at Royal Roads, provided all other entrance criteria are met and space remains available. NLC students should understand that entrance to all programs at Royal Roads University is on a competitive basis.
3. Northern Lights College does not have a block transfer agreement with Simon Fraser University's (SFU) School of Criminology. However, the NLC diploma has been designed to meet lower-division requirements for SFU's BA in Criminology. In this case, transfer credit is awarded on a course-by-course basis. Accordingly, NLC students who complete the diploma may also be eligible for admission into upper division course work in SFU's School of Criminology.
4. The information on this program page is a summary of the official Program Completion Guide approved by NLC’s Education Council. Download a PDF of the current Program Guide

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Do you need more information? Admissions
Program Contact: Chair, University Arts and Sciences
(Cindy Broberg, Dawson Creek campus; Issoufou Soumaila, Fort St. John campus)


The Criminology Diploma is comprised of the following 20 courses, ten of which will have been completed as part of the Criminology Certificate:

Plus one of:
ENGL105 Nonfictional Prose
ENGL110 Introduction to Workplace Communications
ENGL111 Poetry and Drama
ENGL112 Prose Fiction; etc.

Plus one of:
PHIL101 Introduction to Philosophy
PHIL110 Introduction to Logic and Critical Thinking
PHIL 111 Contemporary Moral Issues

Plus an additional three electives* at the 100- or 200- Level, chosen from a variety of disciplines.

*Note that Northern Lights College students are encouraged to choose a Gender Studies course and a course that deals with Aboriginal peoples of Canada. Also note that Northern Lights College's CHEM 170 Introduction to Forensic Chemistry is relevant to the field of Criminology. Chemistry 170 articulates to SFU as unassigned 100-level Chemistry credits.